Timebank Member: Susan Ansara

"I joined the Timebank because it sounded like an interesting way to be more deeply integrated into the Las Cruces community - I originally heard Kari being interviewed on KRWG and thought the Timebank was a great new concept for our city.  I have different groups of friends here in Las Cruces, and they mostly are related to various groups I belong to - book clubs, volunteering at Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park, water aerobics, and so forth.  Because I am retired, I don’t come into contact with new people through a job, as I used to when I was working, so I find it’s not easy to meet new people outside of the nice groups I already know.  I also liked the idea of an exchange of services where money was not involved, both on the providing and receiving end.  So far, I’ve been very pleased with the time bank. I’ve met some wonderful people and I don’t think our paths would have crossed otherwise. I’ve enjoyed our activities - the potlucks, the Silent Auction fundraiser, and the few services I have been able to render. I look forward to 2017 as a good year for us all!"  


Timebank Member: Laurie Brill

"I joined the Time Bank to get to know people because I am new in town, and since I live alone I need assistance with various things.  I was involved in a time bank in California that helped me meet people who I would otherwise not have met and I wanted to do the same here.  Since joining the time bank I have enjoyed various forms of sharing and connection and have benefited from each encounter, however, the thing for which I am most grateful is that I actually have made a good friend this way.  THANK YOU!" 

Timebank Member: Charles Clements

"My initial reason was to support Kari in her new venture.  Later, with the Beloved Communities on the bus tour, I began to see how it worked and liked the concept.  Then I provided another tour for Randee Greenwald and saw further how just a bit of my time could help a lot of folks use an alternative transportation system.  So I really appreciate the timebank concept!"

Experienced Timebank Member

"I joined the time bank to meet people and become part of a community. I am enjoying it very much. I have also met some really great people. Something exciting is that I helped a member pick out paint colors for her house today! Yay!!!"

Timebank Member: Tina Smiley

"I joined the hOurtime organization with the desire to meet and get to know my neighbors and others here in Las Cruces. I am new to town, so I hoped to meet others, and share our time and talents. I  have been very satisfied with the exchanges I've experienced so far, and expect to become more involved as time goes on."