Is timebanking the same as bartering?

How can I trust other members?

How widespread is timebanking?


 What if I don't give and receive the same amount of hours?

Do I have to say "yes" to everyone?

What if I have nothing to offer?


Why do I have to attend an orientation?

No. Timebanking is based solely on the exchange of time, not of goods. While timebanking is tax-exempt, bartering is not.

As in any relationship, trust between members will build as you get to know each other. We have monthly timebank potlucks to help facilitate face-to-face interaction. You can interact with other members via email, on the phone, and in public or private settings as you feel comfortable. 

Timebanking originated in the United States in the late 1980's. Since then, the movement has grown to include at least 500 timebanks in the United States, and more around the world. 

We understand that there may be times when members need to receive more services than they are able to give, and vice versa. Generally, we suggest that you stay within the -15 to 15 hour range. If you're concerned about your hour balance, let us know and we can help you find ways to get involved and even your balance. 

No! You can say "no" to any offer or request you aren't interested in. The exchanges you engage in are completely up to you.

You might be surprised by the services our members share! Our timebank has offers for everything from transportation to collaborative artwork! You can always explore the requests and see if there's a need you may be able to fill. 

We ask all members to attend a 90 minute orientation before joining the timebank. We hold orientations monthly. Orientations are valuable because they give prospective members a chance to learn how the timebank works, ask questions, and meet other members. The timebank is all about building relationships, and in-person orientations are the first step in connecting with others!

Here’s what some timebank members have said about the orientation:

“Meeting others at the timebank orientation was so impactful to me. It helped take my understanding of what the timebank is to a new level by putting a human face to the requests and offers of the people involved. It helps take your understanding from what you can give or receive to what others are offering and maybe even giving up by offering their time.” –Rachael

“The timebank orientation was a great way for members to meet each other and get more comfortable. It gets members engaged with one another. It helped me understand the timebank more effectively by giving me a better visual of how it works. “- Ruben